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What We Do

Certified raw materials

Certified raw materials according to AD MERKBLATT STANDARD

Quality certifications

Our gas tanks have CE marking and ISO 9001:2015 and the quality certifications are being provided from TUV HELLAS S.A.

Global Sales

We sell globaly. Contact us.


Company TANKI GAS has been founded by mr. Vlacho Telemaxo on 1991 and since then it has been manufacturing gas tanks and air receivers with great responsibility and professionalism. The capacity of the tanks and the air receivers varies from 500L to 150000L.

Our staff’s over twenty year experience (welders, painters, sandblasting workers) in conjuction with their continuous occupation ensure the excellent operation of our products.

The best mechanical equipment along with the finest selection of raw material guarantee the quality of our products.

The suitability and the certifications of our products are being granted from TUV HELLAS S.A.

With appreciation,
Vlachos Aristotelis

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